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Who We Are

We are a global team of marketing technologists who are passionate about the transformation of marketing.

Founded in 1999 we are a specialist consultancy working within Wunderman, focused on the delivery marketing transformation. Acceleration has become a trusted advisor to CEOs, a strategic partner to CMOs, and an operational partner to CIOs around the globe.

We craft the capability that enables modern marketing

We work with our clients to deliver a modern marketing experience informed by well-organized data, activated through thoughtfully constructed technology, and delivered via customer-centric operating models.

For our clients this means the ability to connect with audiences in ever more personalized and human ways, while managing the rapid transformations needed to remain competitive.

Marketing and Advertising Technology is in our DNA

We have built close partnerships and deep expertise with leading technology vendors. This allows to offer informed, independent advice on how to identify, implement and adopt the following solutions:

We add value by bringing these solutions to life by integrating, optimizing and supporting them. Learn more about our partnerships at

We are always innovating

Early pioneers in digital marketing, we have understood the importance of data and technology since our founding in 1999. Here we have shaped the marketing landscape and accelerated progress with the smart application of data, technology and customer-centric operating models.

Yet we are also known for our open, transparent and direct relationships with clients, demystifying marketing and imparting knowledge without hype or pretense, while retaining our own fiercely independent view of technology, trends and best practice.

We add value at every stage

Companies that fail to transform for the digital age will be left by the wayside. We know this better than anyone. Hence, we continually nurture our own expertise, knowledge and assets to deliver value at every stage, building marketing assets that drive prosperity and return on marketing investment.

In this prosperity lies Acceleration’s value: measured only by the strength of our clients’ successes.

What Our Client Had To Say

Working with Acceleration has helped us to shape our aspirations into a solid roadmap to build and evolve our technical infrastructure. Their neutral view, based on the first-hand experience with different technologies, is unique. Plus, we thoroughly enjoy working with every single member of the team.

Sandra White Head of Personalization, Barclays UK