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Maximise Your DoubleClick Investment With Acceleration

The adtech you choose is only as valuable as its ability to drive revenues, complement business processes and integrate with your systems.

That’s why the world’s leading digital advertisers, publishers and agencies choose Acceleration first – for DoubleClick solutions that exceed business goals, enhance foundational technologies and repeatedly uncover commercial opportunities.

Greater DoubleClick Insight and ROI

Influenced and informed by our noted enterprise consulting, Acceleration’s DoubleClick approach solves digital advertising challenges by bridging the gap between business needs and DoubleClick’s potential. This drives value beyond the platform and throughout our clients’ businesses with:

  • A combination of the best business martech consulting and technical expertise available, delivered across five continents and embracing a host of specialisms including systems integration, customer visibility, brand engagement, business strategy and marketing innovation. These assets are a key driver when Google refers us to help its clients get the most from their investments in DoubleClick.
  • Comprehensive expertise and analytics – we know which insights and metrics are most relevant and valuable to your business, remaining independently minded on technology and fiercely impartial to misleading trends that impede prudent decision-making. This means you receive reporting and insights that deliver on your DoubleClick investment, in line with commercial objectives and optimising data assets across all your digital channels.
  • A consultant-led service that provides every client with a dedicated business manager and technical manager, for a clear and business-focused lens through which to view your DoubleClick data and requirements. This is supported by service policy and practices that are constantly quality assured, with all support requests treated swiftly and at critical level.
  • A unique partnership with DoubleClick, going back to 1999, that yields greater expertise in the platform, its client industries, verticals and requirements than is available anywhere. This also compounds our abilities to integrate DoubleClick across the Google ecosystem with technologies like Google Cloud Platform and Google Analytics 360.
  • Being the world’s largest DoubleClick professional services partner and reseller – we impart a mine of technical and product knowledge that further benefits our clients and advances DoubleClick’s development through our place on the Google-DoubleClick Client Advisory Board.

Better Reach and Performance for Advertisers

Our noted successes with large agencies, and their diverse and client-critical needs, have created ever-smarter and more accurate methods for advertisers to optimise the purchase and performance of display.

From advising on demand-side dynamics to the best approach to programmatic and bid strategies, we leverage the power of client data, DoubleClick’s proprietary data and Google’s bidding technology for customised campaigns that yield superior results, from impressions to conversions, revenues and beyond.

Maximised Investment in Content For Publishers

Publishers and content providers optimise revenues across ad networks and achieve more from inventories through Acceleration’s platform-wide reporting and optimisation. Think new revenue opportunities and enhanced publisher credibility from data insights that advertisers really value.

Along with configuring the right DoubleClick tools to control and view inventory across all sales channels we apply efficient workflows, seamless updates and ensure the integrity of your data aids sound decision-making – and turn those insights into action with less booking conflicts and a higher sell-through rate.

What Our Partner Had To Say

“Acceleration has remained one of DoubleClick’s best & most trusted partners for the past decade. Acceleration’s depth of knowledge, level of service delivery and cutting-edge tech solutions, aligned to the DoubleClick Stack, ensures that they will maintain this advantage for the foreseeable future.”

James Rosenthal Global Business Leader, Google

Bring DoubleClick Into Sharper Focus

Every Acceleration engagement begins with and is nurtured through consultation. Here we come to understand our client’s business, their requirements and to meet, and exceed, their objectives. This is how we continue to unite commercial goals with adtech that performs better and integrates DoubleClick across our clients’ foundational systems.